Hi Open,

Wow, thanks for your feedback! Of all the possibilities as to why I am manifesting this situation, the last thing that would have ever crossed my mind is that it could have to do with sleeping differently! Actually, I don’t think I have ever wondered about what ‘sleeping’ really means, but now that I pondered about what you wrote, perhaps I can relate to becoming unconscious when I sleep. My usual sleeping pattern is that at some point “fall asleep” and then wake up about 7-8 hours later without any recollection of what happened in between (and thus very rarely do I remember my dreams). Occasionally, I have nights during which I am somehow half aware/awake, but I always considered them as my ‘bad’ nights, during which I didn’t get a proper sleep ☺.

After I posted my message here (but before I read your response), I decided not to run away and sleep on the floor in the living room, but rather face the challenge of sleeping with the banging disruptions. It became an interesting night, I got woken up a few times by the banging, but there was more surrender to it (rather than the usual anger and frustration about being woken up by it) and I could feel this interesting burning sensation in my body, which felt a bit like something was dissolving/burning away in the heat (that’s the best I can explain the feeling).

Reading your response has left me a little puzzled about sleeping though. You wrote: ‘to sleep in a different way. Which is to work more to relax and let go, but without completely going unconscious and vacating.’ This sounds easy, but I am not sure how I stop myself from going unconscious and vacating, if that’s what I have been doing all along. Are there any tricks to sleep in a different way?