Just to put things in context, I hardly ever sleep at all. Not in the sense of going 'unconscious'. I think sleep is very much misunderstood and very much a part of the matrix system. It's my view that people have to sleep because of stress - caused by matrix lifestyles that are misaligned with the flow (or it could also happen in someone whose very aligned, but working intensely hard to help field realignment to occur).

The problem with 'sleep' (where you go unconscious) is that when you 'vacate the body', it leaves you wide open to intervention interference from dense energies in the field - or just incongruent eddy currents in the field. Ones that sink into your own field and so can be difficult to 'see' during waking hours - the spurious vibe just becomes a part of the accepted psyche (which causes more stress and then the need for more sleep).

What's really needed are longish periods of deep relaxation, unwinding and realignment. This could most effectively replace 'sleep' and you'd find yourself more aligned, peaceful, rested and vibrant in the process.

So at the time you'd usually go to bed, instead of simply letting yourself go unconscious, spend time consciously working on unwinding, relaxing and letting go. Begin in the crown and work down through your entire body. After that, continually seek out areas of tightness and work into them, using awareness to unravel them. I often easily spend the whole night doing this, which leads to deep peace and relaxation - plus a fully infused soul.

It does take a lot of mastering. In the beginning there will still be a strong tendency to fall asleep. And when you do manage to stay awake, you may have to fight against things like boredom. But when you truly find the aligned state, then you sink into the moment of now, so any sense of boredom slips away.

To me, this is truly 'sleeping' - in the sense of deep relaxation and rejuvenation (and you find yourself eventually not needing anywhere near the number of hours).

Open :-)