Dear Open and Richard,

Open, thanks for your insights about how to sleep differently! I had never imagined that sleep could be part of the matrix, still have to let that one sink in. Already since you made the suggestion about sleeping differently, I have been more observant about the way I sleep. An interesting exploration that I can see will indeed require a lot of mastering! I already noticed how it can get boring after a while and how I eventually fall asleep at some point ☺…

Richard, I am glad to hear that my exploration has also inspired others to explore their sleeping patterns more closely. I love the idea of starting a joint forum topic with you to explore this further and see if others want to join with their sleep explorations as well! Amazing to see how my exploration about the banging heating boiler from my downstairs neighbour can result in a sleep forum on the OH website ☺. As it was your idea, may I suggest you kick-off the new topic?

With love!