Wow thank you for sharing Marye. I was told by Michelle to check this thread out because I too have had issues with sleep. Mine has been waking at 4am nearly every day for the last few months for no reason at all. Then I get  tight from worrying that I won't have enough 'energy' for the day and usually I'm totally fine but every so often it becomes unbearable and I feel really cranky. Yet after reading Open's reply - I reflected on the times that I'm cool about the early start and go for a 4am walk round the lake or meditate deeply  and then the energy I have for the rest of the day is insane- like I'm on fire yet super calm and in the flow.  The issue I have is a belief system I've acquired from a teacher of Chinese medicine who said that - lack of sleep causes your jing to deplete and jing is your irreplaceable life force (form of Qi). So this translated to my subconscious that without sleep I will die quicker - haha.
Fun sleeping explorations to be had.
Richard I'm not so good at navigating this website yet, please could you post a link to your sleeping exploration forum on this thread so I can join too :)
With love and gratitude to you all