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Hi Marye, what you did was beautiful, for what you did for this lady was give her hope, hope that there are people like you in this world that help people like her. Marye, I help homeless people as often as I can, it does not stop you from that feeling you could have done more, but when you replace that feeling with the one you just experienced by help this lady, the Starfish story makes a lot of since. And you well be the little boy who made a difference to that person. Your sharing here will in turn reach others here and just maybe some of the people here will do the same thing you did and than there will be more out there like the lady you helped knowing that hope is still possible. Thank you for your kindness and sharing. I believe, because of this action you will change the way you look at the homeless and remember, every little action is a big action when it is right in front of you. For when in right in front of you that is all you can see.

Much Love