Hi Marye,

Thank you for the wonderful sharing. I'm only a couple of days back in the city and had noticed the number of people begging on the streets. Yesterday as I walk past them I feel pain and sadness, though I continue on walking sublty avoiding the reality of it.

Today, I past someone on the street with his head down and inspired by your post I feel to connect and offer him some change. He turned and looked up at me, his eyes were so beautiful and deep and his face lit up with a smile, we exchanged a few words and I could feel that this simple exchange had altered something inside both of us (at least in those few moments).

I love the Starfish story and I also contemplate Marye, that through your vulnerablity in sharing your story, you inspired me to pause and connect with another person and so a ripple effect has happened. We just never know the impact of our expressions.

Keep shining and inspiring Marye (f)

With love, Fiona