Dear Marije,

Beautiful exploration, thank you for sharing. The mixed emotions that you feel, to me, reflect your compassion and desire for change and in expressing send the ripples out... and the universe of course responds - beautiful.

It only takes one stone (or starfish) to create a whole lot of ripples :-)

Like you, when I interact with the microcosm, I feel the energy of the macrocosm and it so often feels so sad, unjust and so I feel into it and process, find the place of truth and then allow the new energy to express in the microcosm.

So lovely that you are on the facilitators course and will be able to offer your energy and gifts forward - to weave your part in helping more people to unite, it all starts with us :-) Wishing you love.

And Dear Fiona, the blue ribbon touched me deeply, thank you for sharing, with love

Michelle x