I have a tendency/urge to yawn a lot during energy work and Open you mentioned to me at some point that this can be a way of hovering the energy field. Sometimes the pressure gets so strong that rather than yawning it more becomes like a purging gag reflex, kind of like vomiting air (energy?) that seems to move all the way from my base chakra up to my throat. Open, I think you mentioned something about this possibly being emotional energy? Usually this happens a few times and then afterwards it feels like quite a release, but at the moment it is coming in stronger and more frequent waves that sometimes seem to be without an end if I let it. Even when I sit down to meditate or do some yoga, I end up mostly purging air. And if I stop the reflex from coming, for example because it is inappropriate for the situation I am in, it can internally feel like a pressure cooker, particularly in my shoulders and chest area. I am very curious now about what is exactly happening when I yawn or purge and whether there are other people who recognize this?

Moreover, at the moment, when there is little distraction, there is this loud buzzing going on in my head and when I tune into it, I start feeling nausea. Yesterday, I sat with it and I think I removed a relatively small implant from my right jaw (there was a relaxed tingling sensation all over my body immediately after), but then I could also feel something attached to the top back of my head, like two wires, one on each side, and I don’t think I managed to deal with that yet.