Hi Marije,

it's like i was reading about myself...
Though i would love to say to you that you don't have to feel like this, i know it just doesn't work like that.
I just started an academic course and now have lots of homework to do and write papers...i already feel nervous and like you, tight.
I also tried to think what would happen if i didn't do all of it or just little of it...but the feeling is just there...I already tried to write down some reflections. This helps for a few days or hours, but when i'm starting to think about that i should do my homework very soon that feeling comes richt back. Like i have to take an exam. (only back then i wasn't nervous at all for an exam)

A good plan to feel into it...to see what else comes to mind when diving into that tight feeling. I just tried to do that myself. The first thing that comes to my mind is the feeling that i made a promiss to someone, to do my best and that i failed, with this leaving this person very disappointed. Also like it was a once in a lifetime possibility, a chance that would never come around again...

Please don't feel exposed and vulnerable...i love it when people show such things. Lots of people are so hasty and don't show anything of themselves anymore. By writing this down here, at least you made me feel that i'm not the only one with these experiences..;-)

I wish you good luck with it!