As I am starting to write this, I am not really sure where it is going to go… Lately there have been several interesting articles and discussions on the Openhand website that I resonated with and felt drawn to respond to. However, somehow the actual responses never manifested in reality. So today I felt to finally make it happen and actually write a response, but then as I started, I could observe a strong internal tightness/nausea, almost as if something was trying to stop me from writing/posting. The tightness was particularly strong around the top of my head as if something was attached to either side. As I tuned into this area I have just gone into a non-stop yawning as I am writing this and the more I tune into it, the more there is a kind of sense of confusion arising, as if I can’t think ‘straight’ anymore. Now the yawning is changing into dry heaving… Just wondering if this is OC at work trying to stop me from posting here….?

I would really love to respond to the recent discussions about judgements, sovereignty and the inflexion point, as well as the theme of guilt of hurting others or making them feel uncomfortable that has been coming up for me recently, but I think for now I am going to stay with all the strange sensations and confusion that are coming up when I start trying to write something….