Hi Marije,

Thanks for sharing your feelings, about writers block when you come to post here and feeling some nausea that feels like intervention - I imagine others have felt similar at times too. It also happens sometimes when people start to plan to come on an Openhand course or retreat - they may feel a wave of resistance which is coming from Opposing Consciousness in the field.

Openhand is an energy that is here to break down the old reality construct - to open a space for a new paradigm of being to emerge. The Opposing Consciousness is resisting this - it is its role. So whenever an organisation really touches a degree of truth - and when people truly challenge the old paradigm inside themselves - then they will likely confront this resistance that wants to maintain the old status quo.

But if we can overcome the initial knee-jerk reaction to OC, which is to close down or pull away, then you start to confront this energy. And as you learn to work with it by softening into it, then it loses its grip on your consciousness and has to leave your system. The more you confront this resistant and limiting energy, the more you negate it from your life - the less of an impact it has.

So let's not retreat from this energy - let's turn boldly into it and "take it on". What does that mean exactly?
Here are some steps you can work with...

  1. First get to know the symptoms of this Opposing Consciousness: it creates doubt and fear; it builds on identity and ownership; it causes tightness and nausea - in the solar plexus for example; you might also feel a buzzing in the head around the temples; it plays on the emotions; it tries to limit you to predicable ways of doing things - as in the system
  2. Second is to know that it can only exist in your field because some unconscious aspect of you allows it to be there. So work to let go of judgment - your manifested it! So work to accept it and become as-nothing in it. This means to feel into the tightness it causes and to let go. Increasingly, the OC has nowhere to hold on.
  3. Once you have become as-nothing in it, in other words, you've become "The One" in it, then it becomes possible to truly eject the energy from your being. You can do this by breathing, movement and dance, grounding in nature, making the internal wilfull statement "You do not belong in my field....Leave Now!!"  
  4. Finally, use the experience to increase sense of personal sovereignty - which means to focus on embodying your own soul and being more present internally in all the things that you do. Are you being totally authentic in your behaviours and characteristic? When are you slipping into programmed routines? You could apply the Openhand Breakthrough Breathing for this, as it is all about softening through the body and embodying soul... Openhand Breakthrough Breathing Meditation

I can feel the Opposing Consciousness very active in the field at this time. It usually happens in the festive break - where people conform a great deal to conditioned behaviour patterns, consume unconsciously, fall prey to judgment in family groups, and tend to do less of what really serves their soul.

So let's not let that happen this year! Let's work to be as empowered and sovereign as we possibly can.

In loving support

Open heart