I felt an urge to post something here, yet without knowing what exactly to write about and at the moment I still don’t really know. My mind is quite uncomfortable with the idea of just posting something here without a real topic/purpose, yet the urge to post feels stronger than that. It also feels a little bit exposed to just post something without ‘content’, but then what defines content really? So here we go….

Interesting, it is like the internal energies are becoming stronger than the objections of the mind J. The past few days those internal energies seem to have gone even wilder than usual. Tingling/vibrations all through my body, lots of internal heat, a strong urge to loudly sing/tone the whole day, lots of yawning/dry heaving, but also extremely loud ringing in my ears/around my head. I used to freak out from this kind of explosive energy (which I now prefer to call forceful instead of explosive), so it is nice to experience how I am now more able to stay right in the midst of it.