Wow Marije - a tremendous inquiry indeed. I'm sure you're resonating a note for many here.

Paradoxically, in my observation, it is not aiming to be perfect that succeeds. But rather being prepared to accept failure as an absolutely essential aspect of finding alignment in ones journey.

And are not all realities formed by a karmic judgment of reality? An exploration of some kind of distortion. And therefore its the constant pulling apart of the creation, the constant reordering, the constant 'failure' of the previous iteration that leads to alignment.

So failure is necessary.

But we'll likely receive heaps of judgment and projection by those around us when we get it 'wrong'. Because the egoic desire for security, heaps investment in that particular reality. So there always needs to be a scapegoat. Maybe you've been such a scapegoat in a past life?

Whatever, you clearly understand the necessity to go deep into the feeling sense of 'failure' and unwind that particular karmic knot - awesome. Praying Emoji

Sending heaps of loving support in that unfolding.

Finally, I've been exploring the character Elon Musk recently, he of SpaceX and Tesla, just to see what he's up to. I think he's quite an interesting character. And I think how he views 'failure', particularly in his rocket endeavours, provide a wonderful metaphor to the constant emergence of aligned soul...

Open HeartPraying Emoji