Having just come back to Europe from Africa, I have a question about long-distance travel and energy fields, which I realise I already asked here about a year ago, but at the time nobody responded to. This is what I wrote then when I just came back from Burkina Faso:

I realise that I have frequently fallen ill just before or after traveling long distance across continents in the past. Today I can also feel that internally there is a lot of energetic shifting going on that is difficult to contain and feeling a little crazy (I imagine in the past when I was less aware of all the energetic stuff going on, I would have been physically ill by now). I guess airports and air travel are already a little straining on the system, but I am just wondering what the impact is of moving from quite different energy fields (e.g. Africa vs. Europe) on our system? Like, am I now processing some of the stuff that I might have picked up in Africa, or is my system rather readjusting itself to the European vibe? Also when I went to Burkina Faso things felt quite turbulent internally for about 2-3 days and after that I felt fine, so I am imagining the same thing is now happening in reverse? I would be interested to hear your perspective on this and perhaps your own experiences with all the traveling that you do.

This time I seem to have picked up a urinary tract infection, with a constant urge to pee starting only a few hours after coming home and what feels like a starting cold today, apart from all the other crazy energetic stuff with loud ringing in my ears and strong pressures on my forehead. 

Any insights on the energetic impact of long distance travel and thus moving from one energetic vibe to a very different other one, would be welcome!