I would say the crucial thing about diet, is not to see it as something separate from spiritual development. What do I mean by this? If there is a physical ailment, or any physical disharmony with diet, it will have a spiritual misalignment cause. As the soul fully integrates with the body, the two come into harmony - notwithstanding the impact of the intervention, but even those effects are mitigated as the soul progressively infuses.

So if there's some kind of problem, the key is to explore into that with awareness - if you feel some kind of pain and discomfort with eating disorders, then bring them fully into awareness and ask "show me". It will take time, and there will likely be many complexities to work through - but my experience is that they do unravel.

I know that it is possible to live completely on light, and to maintain a reasonable weight (but without excess body fat, which becomes unnecessary). However it's not a diet that would get you there - rather the progressive spiritual development of which diet is a very important part.

So my advise is to use the disharmony as a direction in which to explore...."show me!" The answers will surely come.

Wishing you well