Hi Megha,

There's little we can do for those who stay asleep and refuse to see the changes that are coming. Except that is, to be ourselves, keep shining our light and show a steady rock solid calmness when we can - which of course involves breaking through the fear first.

Maybe the fear is karmic related? Maybe it's because of the impact that will happen to some as they are taken by 'surprise'? Nevertheless, in the big picture, unconsciousness will always be taken by surprise by consciousness. It's just the way things are and something for us to accept.

A key thing for you will be to work to depersonalise it.
Why should it be any different what happens to friends and family, as opposed to people on the other side of the world you don't know? Are we not all one?

Something to contemplate. Attachments will form to those around you, but work to depersonalise the impact of the Shift. It's all happening within consciousness. It's essential to dig deep and let go.

In loving support

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