Hi Open,

Thanks for your reflections! I am not sure I actually discovered the 95% rule in divine manifestation as you explained it, but I do get where you are coming from (of course I know nothing is 100% certain and therefore no choice will be 100% right). Rationally I all very well understand what you explained above, but I am someone who does have a tendency to get stuck in this 5% of uncertainty, particularly when other people are involved and potentially having to disappoint them if things end up going in a different direction than what I committed to. As I am writing this, I can actually feel a lot of tightness and control around making sure not to disappoint others. The tightness seems related to what they might do to you if you don’t stick to your commitment and the possible ‘rejection’ by others. Moreover, even if I hold that 5% periphal awareness and might notice things was to move in a different direction, I am more likely to ignore this and stick to my original commitment…. again not to disappoint. Though I can see that I can see that I am already a lot less rigid with this than I used to be. In the past I might have still dragged myself sick to an appointment, just because I had made the commitment and felt bad to cancel. And I used to also expect the same kind of commitment from others in return and could get very disappointed if people would cancel last-minute, but on that front I have made good progress over the years and I can be at peace with it now.  

Still some work to do here on getting comfortable with leaving room for the 5% to unfold regardless of the consequences and possible disappointments!