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Hi Open,

Thanks for your reflections. There is indeed an identity that has a fixation on doing things or having a plan to justify itself, that gets affected by external judgement. Interestingly what has been happening since coming to Malawi is that all my plans here constantly seem to be going haywire. Partly that is the nature of how things happen here, constantly changing and in the moment, but for some reason something has been feeling 'off' about it, as if it isn't flowing (which comes with a sense of frustration), and I have been wondering why I am manifesting this. I can see two possibilities, either I am still too much operating from the mind and not well in tune with the flow, so every time I plan something 'out of line' with the flow, the universe reflects that back to me by the plan going haywire. Or alternatively, I might have an expectation or attachment about what the flow 'clicking in' and feeling right should be like, but maybe there is an invitation to surrender and embrace that everything going haywire might well be the perfect flow I needed to manifest....