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Hi Marije,

Sounds like you're having a powerful inquiry indeed Slightly Smiling

This part stood out strongest for me...

there is so many things these days, even happening yesterday or earlier today, that I already can’t remember now, as if they never even really happened. Secondly, whereas in the past I was able to let’s say ‘structure my thoughts’ into something comprehensible that I could then put into words to convey to others, these days when I try to put things into words, like the inquiry about ‘truth’, there seems to be no structure, just loose threads that don’t come together anywhere, even though somehow internally it makes complete sense to me.

I think initially we see truth as something to rationalise - and there are threads of it stretching from the past into the present and then to the future, that seem to make sense, so we build reality around the thoughts. When in authenticity, it's the other way around.

I mean work to let go of the rigid constructs. And you're right - dig deep into the sense of confusion - not needing an answer.

Let the truth of the moment come more as a feeling sense. Then work to build the thoughts around that.

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