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Thanks for your suggestions Jen - very helpful Heart

How do we make this all easier? It's not meant to be easy!

Consider going to the gym. You know that pumping iron will make the muscles stronger,  and in order to do that, it has to stress the muscles in some way - then they decided to grow. There is no short cut!

Growing the 'spiritual muscles' is going to be tough. And especially at this time where we're brining in a lot of energy. Yes, at times, I feel like my whole body is vibrating and on fire. Sometimes the mind goes into overdrive. Sometimes there are palpitations in the heart. Remember the Sacred Ground of Being through all of this. When it gets crazy, breathe deep into the core. Let the mind and emotions flow, but work to centre in the Sacred Ground. And work the body, it helps you stay centred in the emotional/mental turmoil.

I know it's tough. But we didn't sign up for it to be easy!
Right there with you.

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