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Hi Open and Thomas,

Open, I could have known you would have reflected it isn't meant to be easy Slightly Smiling. Yesterday morning I woke up actually being able to feel myself again, so to say, although the back pain was still there, internally it was calm for a change, which was such a relief! Of course I could have known this wasn't going to last long, as in the evening things kicked off again and I just woke up from a very restless night full of paranoia and panic, to the point that I started wondering if I was possessed by something. My energy being all over the place, I struggle to find my way back to the Sacred Ground, sometimes I manage for a brief moment, before I get swept away by the energies again. Other than the incapacitating back pain, I particularly feel a knot of fear in my abdomen and a tightness around my eyes/third eye. I have just started a new consultancy assignment and all the incapacitating energies are somehow perpetuating a fear that I am not able to accomplish the job, that I will somehow end up in a vegetative state of incapacitation. Trying hard to hang in there with lots of bow meditations!

Thomas, wow sounds like you have gone through a wonderful transformation, thanks for sharing! I have to admit that reading about it makes me feel slightly envious, hoping that I can come out on the other side of all the current feelings of incapacitation in a similar way. But I guess there is no real recipe for it and we all have our unique journey in it. Thanks for the link to that meditation from Steve Nobel, I am going to check it out!