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Hi Marije - clearly you're going through another round of challenging deep exploration - I'm glad you posted here and thanks so much to Anatoly and Vimal for tuning in. This is what I mean about "coming together as a community" - because often, it's just a kind word or thought which can help someone through and lift them. Heart

This jumped out quite strongly from what you said Marije...

anger at the state the world is in right now and fear of myself of where this might end…. Feels like I am tumbling into this bottomless pit and once I hit the bottom there will be no way back out.

Lots of people will be feeling this in the world right now - perhaps BILLIONS of people! And for them, mostly they'll have no spiritual perspective of where this is ultimately leading or that there is a way out. A lot of these people will be realising there's no return to "normal" - no way out.

If you're empathic and given to work the energy fields at a global level, then you'll most likely feel this. And as you know, if there's an aspect of yourself trying to figure that out, then the inquiry can get stuck inside and magnified by what's going on outside.

We'll have a session next week (my earliest opportunity), but for now, I'd invite you to work on the idea of hopelessness - what that means. And looking for the light at the end of the tunnel - because there most definitely is.

I also get the sense (and spoke to you about this a few weeks back), that there might be some new direction coming - some new lead role. Maybe it's time to pay attention to possibilities and see if there's a likely fit. Something to be aware of an explore.

Know that you are most definitely NOT alone! That you are loved and supported by those in the ether...


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