Thanks for sharing. Yes it's a challenge and my heart goes out to you. But there is an answer - there is a way.

Within Openhand, the Breakthrough Approach is phase 1 - it's how to respond effectively to the moment and what comes up. Thereby you encounter doorways of possibility through the tightness - once you recognise it. Which clearly you have. The tightness is getting stuck in the mind - which you are witnessing.

I would say what needs to happen now is a more proactive confrontation of the problem. You observe things are very intellect based; so you must break the cycle by shifting focus - you're now looking for other qualities of the soul (expression through the intellect being only one).

My suggestion is to consciously work to bring your attention down into the heart and to work to come more from there. Let the mind do it's stuff, that's okay, don't try to stop it. But work to be in the heart and come more from there - responding to the moment more from feeling and intuition, as much as you can.

Progressively this will help break the stranglehold of the mind. You can do it, but don't expect it to be an easy quick fix. You really have to work at it. Then progressively your consciousness will open up.

Wishing you well

Open *OK*