Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is IT!!

I have been focusing on the Breakthrough approach, and haven't felt like I was having success with it. It's this one little nugget -- your answer above is what I am missing. I have come across this answer before, but lost sight of it. I'm like a dog chasing my tail, and where does that lead?

So, in dealing with an episode of tightness + emotion, you embrace all of that stuff that you are feeling, and then focus on the heart. This is like having your intellect pass the ball to the intuitive side, thereby taking things to the intuitive level, right? Then you just let things unfold from there... The Divine Flow. Am I syncing with what you say above?

Thank you SO much, Open :)))

LOL Eddie, yes you are tapping into the crux of my issues with my son! I myself had a strict upbringing, so at first, that was my default approach to raising our boy (but not entirely my husband's). I've been gradually letting go of all of that for the past 4 years or so, and it's still ongoing. Our boy has an involved medical history, and the school was wanting to get involved in that. So we now homeschool him. It's on me to be his mentor/guide. But he has next very little interest in learning or being guided. There are a lot of interesting dynamics within our little family due to my own path in life (my "Earth walk" -- I love this term) versus my husband's, and how our son fits within this.

I agree, the boy is acting out and you see it reflected in our critters. LOL I have a continuous supply of opportunities to be finding the best way to deal with all of this. I'm convinced that the degree to which I can breakthrough and unravel all of my own baggage and stuff will have a direct bearing on the degree to which I can figure out how to do what is to my son's highest and best good as a mother.

I confess -- I would welcome the opportunity to explore this whole issue of parenting w/ others here on Openhand, if there is enough of an interest (perhaps not here). In turning away from the Matrix, so as to embrace what is in line with a new paradigm, it seems one needs to jettison much of what is out there in the way of standard operating procedures for parenting, so as to come up with a different approach. This is what I am trying to do, and I'm totally "feeling my way."