Hi Open,

Thanks for yet another inspiring post! I can relate to feeling the influx of energy and its intensity, but that is at the same time where I get challenged. Oftentimes the intensity feels so overwhelming, as if I can explode any minute if it comes through all at once, because my physical body does not have enough capacity for it. So I find myself caught in tightness/inner pressure, because I am trying to make it come through dosed, rather than all at once (particularly in daily life situations, like at work, in public transport, etc.). When I read: But as I encourage with everyone else, don't back away from the intensity you feel. Instead look right into the heart of it, feel right in, there is a feeling or perhaps a fear, that if I do this I am literally going to explode into pieces, so as soon as I get anywhere near the heart of the intensity I retract to avoid explosion. I am still not sure how to get past that point of retraction and let the explosion happen…..