Thank you, Open. I just read this evening that the U.S. Federal Gov't denied the permit for the oil pipline to go through the tribal lands! Yay!!! What a powerful and beautiful manifestation, mirroring the will and hearts of many. I feel energy chills from toes to crown! Victory to the people! Victory to the truth!

I rarely am awakened from dreams. I had a very intense dream last night. In the dream, I was dancing/flying/surfing in extremely huge ocean waves, when someone/something swooped my board away from me, and I was soon facing my death. I breathed right into it, almost like a fire-breathing dragon, underwater. I took 2 long, deep, breaths under the water; my heart pounding against my chest with so much energy -- and with the 3rd breath I knew I was not dying, and I awoke -- breathing deeply, feeling elated. Victory to the infinite me! Victory to truth!