The above phrase it what really stood out for me . I have been dealing with deep abandonment issues and also feelings of worthlessness in the recent past . The last week has been about breathing through some very dense gunk internally . And yesterday after the much needed breakthrough that came as a flurry of tears for my inner child I suddenly 'saw' how my inner cleansing has beautifullyallowed the setting up a waste segregation and composting program in the condo where I live . Almost effortlessly a project that had been stalled for almost five years has come on track . I moved here a year and a half ago and was 'told' that it was part of why I was here. To go from learning how to compost my inner waste effectively ,to being a catalyst to allow people in touch with me to do it too. And it's not until after my meltdown did I even see the mirror into my internal ......Decide who you are and allow Reality to shape up around you . Beautiful !