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Hi Open 

thank you thank you 

On 20 March I woke up at 4:04 am 

from a minor pain I had. I was happy since it was the last sun rise of the year in our calendar. I went through the insta and saw a post from a friend saying: 


You hear me? Enough is enough. Time to give up! Our soul sucked out and our hearts have became black holes!

You’ve destroyed love and friendship!

You’ve ruined our life and other nations hope having a peaceful world, get lost please 

Vanish from the face of earth forever . . . 


Made me a little be sad for what a life we could have had specially where We live. Destroying us politically economically . . . For what! What a strange things humans do. I am not able to get! 

This heaven could be for all of us!

Anyway I thought to read the latest article and then go back to sleep that I saw this article where you say: “First I can feel the sense of a growing activism wanting to emerge. People have had enough of the old ways and the recently emboldened system. Eventually the tables turn and enough say "enough is enough". “

Made me think what could be the message? 

I fall asleep and had a very short dream that I am in a room which I can actually float in the air less than a meter above the ground 

I felt an energy in me and saw myself in a lotus sitting posture above the ground. It was a good feeling.

I am not sure when and where universe gonna get me to any Openhand events but I am waiting to see how the universe is going to surprise me. It was a right time for me to get to know such a community where I can finally find my answers. For some time I could only see dark silent ending after life on earth and there was a feeling that there is something not right!


After all feels like this music on Youtube from Matt Simons:

There's a place I go to

Where no one knows me

It's not lonely

It's a necessary thing

It's a place I made up

Find out what I'm made of

The nights are stayed up ...