Hello All

I noticed that Open mentioned the Standing Rock Protest in the original post, and I wanted to mention a current event that is happening where I live, in a rural part of West Virginia, USA.

We are a very rural county, around 12,000 residents, and have been fighting a massive corporation (Mountain Valley Pipeline) for a couple of years to resist eminent domain forcing us to hand over our land to facilitate a huge pipeline to help transport fracked gas to the coast for shipping overseas.

Mountain Valley Pipeline has been delayed for over a month now, by some brave individuals who are sitting in the trees (in freezing wind chills and two feet of snow) on a section of Peters Mountain (near the Appalachian Trail), which causes MVP to halt tree felling in that area. The Tree Sitting also gets the word out, to push for the due process of law, which will hopefully stop the pipeline in the end (we hope). I will post some links here, which will explain things a bit more in depth. I ask that anyone who wants to send us light and prayers please do so, as we need all the help we can get.

Please feel free to join Appalachians Against Pipelines on Facebook, to get information directly from the Tree Sitters as they bravely stay in the trees during this cold March weather. Love to you all.

UPDATE: Despite Hearing & Snow, Tree-Sitters Still Tree-Sitting (Nancy Andrews, West Virginia Public Broadcasting. Audio to air on Monday, Mar. 26, 2018)

As a tree-sit protest of the Mountain Valley Pipeline continues, a crowd is gathering (Laurence Hammack, Roanoke Times, Mar. 23, 2018)

More pipeline conflicts play out in Giles County Thursday (Joe Dashiell/Eamon O'Meara | Mar. 22, 2018 |Updated: Mar. 23, 2018, WDBJ7 Roanoke)