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Wow, Aspasia, that was really inspiring to hear about Julia Butterfly. Two years is WOW. She and the tree sitters are standing for what they believe, but also shining much light while they bring into sharp focus, the unfolding of the old ways that do not serve, and keep an open space for what will serve us all better in he future, and maybe most importantly, connect us right now. Below I copied directly from the tree sitters post to Appalachians Against Pipelines. I felt it was worth sharing here.





"Why do we fight?

To the best of my knowledge, when pipeline projects have made it to this stage they have never been stopped. Even the incredibly brilliant, complex, and powerful resistance at Standing Rock was eventually defeated. David had better odds against Goliath than we do.

So then why do we fight? Not long ago, I had trouble convincing myself that there was a point to engaging in a losing battle. Now I'm finding new answers every day.

We exist at the edge of a process that began hundreds of years ago. 1492 is a good enough starting point. Since then, a colonial mission has unfolded. The history of which being written in fire and blood. It has driven us to a precipice. The world as we know it is collapsing.

And yet, they still want to build their pipelines. They still want to take more from the earth and all its inhabitants. They still will employ us to do it for them and clean up their mess. They still don't think they've gotten rich enough off of it.

It's vicious. It's systemic. And it must end.

Now is time to figure out how. There is no point in waiting for the right objective conditions. They will never just come to us. Those conditions will be realized through the actions we take here, now.

In addition to the outcome of all of this, what we become along the way is just as important. And regardless of whether the pipeline is or is not built, we will learn new ways to fight, new weaknesses that the industry exposes, new ways to find happiness, new ways to love all that is here and each other, new lessons for other generations to take forward.

Alongside of the process of colonization and systemic violence, another process is unfolding waiting for more of us to pick a side. And as it unfolds, we reconstitute what it means to be human--to be alive in a time of mass death. We are more bound to this constitution than a document written hundreds of years ago.

So yes what we have to do here is something that has never been done before. It will take so much more then this stand on Peters Mountain.

But we live in a world of possibility and we believe we can stop this pipeline. We are fully committed to seeing that through.

And we look forward to finding out where it takes us and finding you all along the way."