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Tasha, beautiful moving words from the tree sitters! - thank you for sharing this gem.

Yes, Im with you, catalysing the old ways and keeping an open space for a new paradigm to unfold. Sometimes I hear from 'spiritual people' that all they do is gather together and meditate in their room with others to 'help the planet and the shift'. I say yes, please do that, the energy work is so valuable AND at the same time explore the possibility of expressing this energy of Pure Soul out there, so that a) you challenge yourself to come out of your comfort zone and limiting identities (really important for individual and collective shift) and b) so that energy work is actively transferred on the ground in relationship where, in my view, it can have more impact (Thich Nhat Hanh is a beautiful example of this).

This stood out for me:


And regardless of whether the pipeline is or is not built, we will learn new ways to fight, new weaknesses that the industry exposes, new ways to find happiness, new ways to love all that is here and each other, new lessons for other generations to take forward.

Alongside of the process of colonization and systemic violence, another process is unfolding waiting for more of us to pick a side. And as it unfolds, we reconstitute what it means to be human--to be alive in a time of mass death. We are more bound to this constitution than a document written hundreds of years ago.


 Learning new ways to love and express as a means to break down and break through systemic violence (the key foundation of the matrix). Heart Keep us posted!


Wise Love