Trinity and Open!

Wishing you both joy and fulfillment as you follow your own paths of light and embrace exciting, new adventures. I am deeply saddened to hear you are departing from Openhand, Trinity, but I'm truly joyful to hear about your full-tine commitment to conscious cuisine where your passion clearly lies! Thank you for continually inspiring me to keep going with compassionate eating. Your support has meant a great deal to me these past several years, not just with regard to compassionate eating, but with regard to my spiritual evolutionary journey, in general.

Deep gratitude to you both for mirroring back the importance of always going with personal sovereignty no matter what the cost. I'll miss you two as a couple, but I'll just have to get over it! :)

Trinity, I will miss your angelic energy and compassionate and empathic presence on Openhand. But I take heart in knowing we'll continue to connect in other ways.

Open, you 'da man with high placed connections! Best wishes with kicking Openhand up a few infinite notches or two, right on up to 5D. It's awesome to hear that Fiona and Rich will be part of the stellar team. Welcome, guys!

Much Love,