Your departure from Openhand continues to resonate as I feel into the many ways your presence helped me to grow and evolve. And so I want to add further comments here in addition to what I posted above.

I was often blown away and deeply inspired by your discussions, insights, and comments on the Openhand forum. I felt your honesty and transparency. Always being you. Confronting others when you felt the need. Standing firmly in your truth. Yet always with a compassionate heart and no judgment. I can’t express in words how much you have helped me to shift into greater honesty and transparency and acceptance of who I am as a unique spark of the divine. But also, and this is hugely important for me, you helped me to honour when I connect or don’t connect with others. To honour the energy I pick up and trust it. It's not about rejecting others or about judgment. Rather, it's about responding to the energy of others in a way that feels right to me as a sensitive soul. In the past, I often tried to force connections when I didn't truly feel them, believing I wasn't being compassionate enough, then twisting myself in knots to 'save' the feelings of others, minimizing my own. It feels to me like it usually relates to past life karma when I don't relate to another. And that's alright as in, "I'm okay. You're okay." It doesn't make me right and another wrong. It just makes us different. The shift in honouring my feelings around this has generated much peace within.

I am so grateful we met in person at an Openhand workshop in Victoria. There you were strolling in the garden one day, offering me a chair to sit. So beautifully kind and compassionate. One of my favourite memories will always be sitting with you in the sunlit kitchen having a good chat, connecting soul to soul!

Much Love and Gratitude,