Dear Open and Trinity,

With blessings and gratitude to you both and every good wish for your onward journeys.

Trinity, I send you every blessing for your unfolding path, I will miss you at Openhand and delighted that you will continue to provide phenomenal, nourishing food on the courses. Your food and Trinity's Conscious Kitchen is always such a gift - thank you! May your inspirational light continue to shine and grow from strength to strength.

The conscious way in which yer paths are diverging is a reminder to us all to live our truth and follow the path of the soul, even if it causes pain and sadness along the way.

All the best to Openhand too, there will no doubt be powerful times ahead. I'm delighted to be involved.

Thank you both for the multitude of ways in which you have profoundly touched my life and the lives of so many others.

With deep love and appreciation, Fiona