Open and Trinity! I have a feeling that this news is a conclusion of a parting process that has been ongoing for a while, so I wasn’t fully surprised to read this post. At the same time, it still feels like a big shift happening, as the two of you have been such important cornerstones of Openhand. Thanks to both of you for following your soul’s calling and in that way being an inspiration to all of us. Eventually, your parting waves are still part of the same vast ocean and I am confident that their ripples will reach far to the benefit of many. Trinity, I will admit that I was glad to read that you will still be there to spoil us at Openhand retreats with your angelicious kitchen! I would have been most disappointed if the parting would have been also from those ☺. I was about to post this song called 'One' somewhere else on the forum, but then felt to add it to my post here: