Dearest Open and Trinity,

The road that you have traveled together has many, many new lights glowing in windows, and doors - and hearts.... you have touched so many. We are profoundly changed with the gifts of your service together.

Trinity, it doesn't matter where on this glorious planet you end up, there isn't a day or two that goes by without one of your books, and your beautiful smile here on the breakfast bar in our kitchen. My appreciation for your inspiration in so many lives here through your beautiful food is ... beyond words. Your Angels know.

Open, thank you for bringing the Openhand message through this passionate website and for your dedication to assisting so many of us on the path into ourselves. There is no doubt you will always be divinely supported.

The music that you made in your beautiful dance together will resonate, reverberate, and continue to be heard throughout the Cosmos forever and ever. A heartfelt Namaste...

Much love to you both,
Jan and Geoff