I am resonating with your decision to separate, and the expectations and surrenders you verbalize. This afternoon I was in deep grief for a separation I have experienced over the past 4 years which has these past 6 months realized in a total breakdown in all communication. I have undergone intensive processing and still carry the pain of the loss. It comes and goes. Without the loss, I do not believe I would have allowed myself to experience Ascension ...not without him. So Benevolence took me to the other side of the Earth, separated us by distance and eventually by Ascension. While I would not trade the experience of Ascension and being within the 5th D more fully now, yet I do miss the companionship of deep and transparent sharing which I was certain would happen between he and I. It has not. So your message was actually something I needed to read. It was not anything I didn't already know, but I needed to have it come perhaps from the two of you plus the community in order to strengthen and support me, particularly in the grieving times which occurred this afternoon. I needed the reinforcement, the sharing opportunity, the companionship of two people who unknowingly have helped me tremendously. I don't sense any particular call except that of a Shaman but I really don't yet know what that even means for me yet, nor of what benefit I can be for a planet which is in its own deep sorrow. But tonight I am willing to be willing, and the negative energies are departing, having found no turmoil in which to feed upon within me tonight.

Thank you for being who and what you are to so many of us. I am eager to watch your new pathways unfold...perhaps finding a place for me in there as well.