Dear Open,

Your open sharing and vulnerability touch my heart and inspire my being - so beautiful, thank you.

I have a strong reminder of being in Glastonbury the day you were having technical issues with the website and were also doing a talk / book launch that evening. In working with the technical issues you had not had chance to prepare for the evening's talk, I could feel your initial reaction to the situation. And behind that I could feel a waiting purity of energy and power, as well as an invitation to surrender in vulnerability and trust. In that moment I felt an energy wanting to come through for you, I felt a pull to hold your hands, with one of my thumbs gently pressing the energy centre within each of you palms. The moment passed too quickly but I feel this same sensation and energy now.
On the back of the amazing talk / group meditation you did that evening I tapped into a new place of being and was able to offer some of the most connected and powerful energy work I had experienced with the land and the field.
So I offer this story and the energy forward now, with a humble heart full of love for your next steps, the inspiration that you bring and the facilitators connection.

With deep gratitude, love and connection

Michelle x