Such an inspiring post! It brought stirring in my heart and a sensation of soaring with a flock of birds. The feeling is of not needing to rely on the sturdiness of the ground and instead, moving freely in all directions… sensing the right air current …and finding out there are others flying within it :-)

My heart goes out to you and Trinity in this fleeting moment of transition. Look closely, there is a whole flock of us flying with you! You have always inspired us to take off and fly high. And here we are. Thank you for that.

The sculpture synchronicity is striking. It made me think that understanding of the symbolic language brings us in touch with the deepest layers of our high wisdom. It has a different logic and doesn’t rely on the laws of time and space. This language has been forgotten, almost eradicated in the western society. And yet, when we speak it, the magic is in the air.

The one and only question is: how much are we willing to trust ourselves?