Hi Open and all,

Wow, what powerful and exciting times!

Thanks Open for your inspiration, this line particularly resonated from what you shared "it's not enforced confidence that is the true empowerment; it's having the courage to be absolutely vulnerable to the moment!". Vulnerable to the moment, wherever that takes us... there's nothing quite as profound or magical as that!

I feel very blessed to be here in La Palma this week with a fantastic group of souls, we're already having a wonderful experience among the palm trees and the Open palm! The Openhand work keeps going from strength to strength.

Now I'm off to prepare some breakfast smoothies using local La Palma bananas and avacodos. I'm sure the guys will need some sustenance for what will no doubt be a powerful day ahead :)

From the depths of my heart I wish Openhand (and Trinity's Conscious Kitchen) the very best in moving forwards and express my deepest gratitude for all the experiences in Glastonbury and elsewhere down through the years.

With love and heartfelt gratitude,