Oh my dear friend. How I empathise with you in this your new journey. Leaving a ''marriage'', and a place I had called home for a country I had never even visited and where I knew no one...Botswana..was for exactly the same reasons you are experiencing.
And now I am in Kansas City and wondering 'what's up with this?" My ''marriage'' is over but not over, Botswana didn't last as long as I anticipated, although I know now I was taken there to experience Ascension in December 2012, and even though I am doing a work homeschooling and playing my music as I have NEVER EVER played the piano/organ (and now the keyboard) before, it still feels like there is something more that should be in my life. So it seems my task is really to relax and let be BE, and not look around for something to be doing or being....just let is all unfold every new day and accept what is as WHAT IS, and be very ok with that. There is nothing else, really. It's all as it is...and sometimes it is quite sad and all I want to do is cry, and sometimes it is quite tiring and all I want to do is sleep, and sometimes I want to be very quiet and just breathe and listen to music or listen to the snow falling, and sometime it is quite blissful and feels like warm honey in my soul...and its all very ok. It is as is should be because it is, and I am as I am because I am. And you have been right with me in all this...you and the community you have created....and now I humbly return to you something of what you have given to me. It is not an easy road to walk, but please know you are not walking it alone. We weep when you weep and dance when you dance and we do martial arts when you do and sit in silence with you and joy-breathe in the breakthroughs. We have learned so much from you, but tonight this one thing stands out to me. Perhaps you need to be reminded as you read it. I know I need to be reminded as I write it. And I know the world needs to be reminded desperately... this I have absorbed from Openhand and know..KNOW.. for certain: that when we embrace one, we embrace all, including ourselves. Divinicus!

Namaste, dear friend.