So, “In a Universe of constant change, change is the only constant” is by Heraclitus? LOL - I thought it came from me - but then who is "me". Maybe I'm tuned into the Greeks who were tuned into the source. :-)

You said...

    "I feel that to ride the waves of change and to embrace change there needs to be trust in the unchanging where all change comes from."

Brilliant! I see it as dynamic equilibrium: relativity emerging from singularity. The singularity of presence is always there in the background, constant, never changing - the blank canvas through it all. And then, at the same time, painted on top is a wonderful dancing mosaic of stimulating aliveness. It's constantly ebbing and flowing.

The wonderful thing about being the presence upon which the movement is painted, is that you can experience the fullness of all, even great grief and sorrow, yet you still know the experience as transient - it we can let go of every experience, it will flow through and from us, until another wave arises.

Thanks for sharing

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