For me, a free day also means people-free day. I live in community with very little private time away, so my free day must take me to a place of solitude. Even then, I need 2-3 days just to unwind and be with nature and the quiet-tude. I have a place where I go...a retreat center in the middle of an Amish community and on 63 acres of land. It is my home-on-Earth, about 2.5 hours away and south of Kansas City. Me and the deer and turkey and the billion of stars in the Milky Way. I desperately need to access it again, and soon, because tonight I feel like I am cracking up. Not sure it is me, or I am empathing someone else, or am empathing the world situation. This noon I watched a cloud formation until it looked like a heart (the organ, not the shape) with a large spear right through it. Me? the world? I feel it deeply...a sign for sure.