Hello, Friends. What a lovely thread.

Winter is my time to retreat inwards, to ruminate and integrate the acquired learnings. I've never journaled much and if I did it was with a purpose to either "work on something" or "get to the bottom of an issue". It feels different this time... it feels more like just expressing the intangible, momentary states of being. It feels very nurturing and special to me.

Two months ago, I hit a wall and became stuck and unable to describe some emotions and realizations. No matter what I wrote, it felt flat and not even close to the original sensation. That is when I switched to writing in the forgotten language of fairytales and metaphors.

I've been writing fairytales that contain the essence of my sentiments, some inspired by people who touched me on a deeper level. I wrote one about our friend, Colin. It's called "The Man who moved the Universe" and it is about a man with a big heart who lived in a beautiful old town and carried a desire to help the world to be a better place. Except, he felt he'd never be able to bring his passion to fruition if he stayed in his town. From time to time, the man was hosting international visitors. With each visit he'd touch the visitor's heart and shift their perception. That shift would be carried deep into the world and change the Universe piece by piece. The realization here is, no matter how small an action, if it's from the heart it has a potential to shift the Universe. Also, we have an incredible power to shift the reality, wherever and whoever we are. When I think about this story, it makes me slow down and pay attention in my daily life. How am I shaping this reality at this very moment?

There is another one about... Open. It is called "The Juggler" and talks about a man who masterfully juggled several balls and each contained a different possibility of reality. The juggler's apprentice (me) wanted to focus on one preferred ball only and kept dropping and breaking the other ones. The wisdom here is to keep the question open, instead of focusing on one answer. It is also about not assuming that something is a certain way because of past experiences (a biggie for me). So, now when I try to judge things to be a certain way, I just think "Juggler" and feel a letting go throughout my body.

There is also another one " The Elf and the Oak Tree" and it expresses the wonder of letting go of the past and allowing the new to happen.

So, this is my joy for this season. Spring and summer are shaping up to be a brand new exploration and the journaling will be possibly replaced by visiting new places and soaking in a new environment.

With love.