Heyas all!

Margaret, your post made me giggle!! I love it, love your story concepts. Thank you for sharing that.

I very much understand the need to journal, although for me it is random times of the year and random moments in time.
I am a relentless questioner of absolutely everything. Sometimes I feel it is, much of course to everything's despair and delight :)
I paint a lot lately too. Mostly abstracts which is a ton of fun to see, hear and feel the reactions within others regarding them. Plus it just keeps me flowing.

Like I said before I question everything, always have always will. Small part of me is a seeker I guess and this that I want to share with you all is my relentless question to everything for an answer on evolution.

This answer came to me back about 10 months or so from out of nowhere. It could be from the collective thought buzzing around constantly or the universe. Who's to know, who's to say really. For me, its the answer that matters mostly I guess because I'm very very literal lol :)

deep breath....Im quite shy LOL! here goes..

The energy of the soul is so much more vast than most people think possible. Therein lies the ability to communicate over vast distances without the use of devices. Often times when one has a unique and brand new thought form it is the representation of a collective coming into being and within this there is an evolution of sorts within the individual. Sometimes these thought forms are accepted and the collective births a new era. When they are declined by an immense amount of people there is then a stillness in mankind, just barely a whisper of momentum. Sometimes these moments last a day or a year,, but never as long as an entire lifespan because the same thought form is introduced, just in different ways until there is a an acceptance. This is mass evolution at its finest and its worst.

I have many many writings such as this here..Its a bit, not normal for most, but I have a good inclination that here on Openhandweb, it just might be understood.