Haha, that's good :-)

I feel heard when I read your response, Wynde. There is something to be said about deeper exploration and watching yourself grow as the answers to the question change shape. All are fascinating and there is usually something still underneath to uncover.

You said:
"Often times when one has a unique and brand new thought form it is the representation of a collective coming into being and within this there is an evolution of sorts within the individual." I feel that too, I sense we are supporting each other's growth by just being ourselves and unwinding our own limitations.

I see wisdom in that stillness you mentioned. Perhaps it is as if an equilibrium is being sought and the next step is launched from the place of balance? Or, like you said, maybe it is a gathering of a momentum, germination time for a seed. I feel it happening now and it may take humanity forwards or few steps back. I'm feeling a call for an intensified awareness, for that stillness within... just moments before the launch. It's coming...

Thank you for your lovely sharing, Wynde, please do share more :-)

With love.