Margaret, I really enjoyed your post about writing fairy tales. It serves as motivation for me to get back at writing children's stories, which I've always enjoyed. A fairy tale story idea for children tuning into the magical pathway to 5D has been percolating for awhile, so it's time to get writing it. I'm feeling many children out there are star souls on a challenging mission in these turbulent times. I often feel deeply for their journeys ahead and feel the pull to inspire them in some way.

We've had lots of snow in Victoria on and off these past few weeks with ice and slush to boot. It makes it too slippery for me to venture out, so I've had to cancel several outings with friends recently! Plus my partner is away at work for much of the time right now. So it's just "moi" hanging out. It feels like an invitation to bypass the distractions out there and dig deeper into those pesky and wily shadow identities, which I'm embracing. But who doesn't need a break from processing?! To up the joy, I'm pumping up the volume on the tunes and getting down with a little slo-mo! Thought I would share a blast of upbeat with y'all. It's a worldwide 'dance-to-love' video with Justin Timberlake singing, "CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!" Have fun, guys! :) x Cathy