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Hey Rayko,

I wonder 'where you are' right now in your inquiries...mmm very intrigued because allowing time/space between communications is such an amazing catalyst for insight and transformation!

Personally, I was in La Palma for about 3 weeks, a stark contrast to the busyness of the Chinese tube/train stations (and London ones!). Your inner and outer 'train inquiries (ramble)' are magnificent! This indeed had me laughing!:


Once in a dream I sensed a primordial sadness of the zero: it was lonely ??? So it created the One.  But Two popped up, and this bloody prime of Three ? aaaa what the hell? The more the merrier at any party is the moto of the Buddhists I know.... 
Oh shit, we are over-populated ?????


 I appreciate the lightness you bring to the stuck-ness experienced in the world.

Yes, I can see the reflection you see in panel two of the Earthy Delights. You say:

                 And then you just get these random bits where you see two people on a pretty white horse with flower thing over the top parts of their bodies not    really able to see (just below the circular swimming pool thing in 2nd panel). I walk outside my house and then I see these two people in a pretty white lamborghini looking at their phones not really able to see forward (they weren't driving).

Upon reading this, I immediately remembered a story I heard earlier today about an Indian millionaire who had asked a Swami (holy man) to come for a ride with him in his new, shiny lamborghini and bless it. The Swami accepted the invitation and while on the drive people looked very baffled as to what a holy man was doing in an expensive car like this. The Swami could see their expressions of utter surprise and confusion only to reassure them that he was there for the sole purpose of offering his blessings. When the Swami said to the millionaire that it was time to get back to the monastery, a moment of silence followed and then the millionaire burst into heartfelt tears. Apparently, the millionaire's wife had filed for divorce and he was feeling the painful loss of his wife and kids. No 'lamborghini' could soothe the grief. I find this story adjacent to the image you shared with the people in the white lamborghini, in that we are all blessed to see the Truth should we choose to and should we open up to the reflections offered by the Universe in the world out there.  

Awesome, thank you, with many blessings and smiles :) x