Hi Gary - great to hear from you on such an important subject.

It's essential to realise that when do do strong meditative practices as the ones you describe, to make sure that the energy is being channeled into day-to-day life and ones behaviourisms in the physical, emotional and mental levels are being worked with. Otherwise what happens is that you activate energy/consciousness in the 4th Density field (and also above) but without full integration in the lower vehicles. This can lead to ungorundedness, disconnection from life, ineffectiveness in life, lack of physical manifestation, distancing in relationships. It can lead to an aloofness from life.

That's why the 5GATEWAYS work focuses on how we apply the activation of energy in day-to-day life. True enlightenment is to be enlightened THROUGH life, not distanced from it. Or else the practice becomes self-defeating.

My sense is to suggest you work into the emotional, physical and mental planes in day-to-day behaviours to allow soul to fully come through.

Wishing you well

Open :)