Hi Marije, yes it can be shocking can't it, that people could do such a thing that causes others to have to experience such incredible suffering, especially the young. Let us meditate on peace and release of such suffering by attuning to the interconnectivity of life.

Always, but always, when contemplating such heart-rending issues, I find it greatly helps to remind oneself of the bigger cosmic picture: that throughout the universe there is only 'The One' being, expressing itself through the interplay - the relativity of consciousness. Light is exploding out through the dark, which creates "fizz", like an ocean rolling up on the beach. Since all is interconnected, the fizz of distortion must be resolved out so as to bring the universe ultimately to balanced harmony - "light" - in all places.

    Souls are naturally drawn into this fizz by the law of attraction to have an experience: perhaps, for example, to realise that we are never truly physical and separate from the whole of life.

But to know this, as an experience, a soul must first confront identification with the sense of separation - our investment in the illusion of reality. It is vitally important to understand this: at a soul level, nothing is ever done to you. You draw experience that reflects your distortion - where the soul fragments into the illusion of reality and then suffers from it. But it is only by direct confrontation of this suffering, and immersion within it, that a soul can truly self-realise, and thereby reintegrate, through it. In other words, it's only by knowing your separation, that you can truly experience the interconnectedness at a soul level.

Remember the saying: "your pain is the place where the light enters". This is so incredibly true. I can recall a past life experience of self-immolation. It was in some Tibetan village, pouring fuel over oneself, and then igniting it as a form of protest. You can imagine the pain quickly became excrutiating. However, it also brings you into a direct confrontation of the truth of the moment: resistance is futile, just as any resistance to the ultimate causality of the universe. So you're caused - invited - to surrender on the altar of profound truth. This is what happened to my soul. Upon which, there was the most incredible juxtaposition of feeling - it was as if the fire was bringing every cell of my being into intense aliveness. And as my soul expanded through, the upliftment and release - upon death - was the most divine imaginable.

    Now let me be clear: I am not saying this is easy! And I am most definitely not condoning any kind of intentional cause of suffering - which I find absolutely abhorrent in this case (in Syria) especially. But we must work to understand that the soul draws the experience to itself as a means of self-realisation and evolutionary growth - ultimately to be released from ALL suffering.

    Also, although hard to understand, even a young person may draw this kind of experience. It's because it is the soul drawing, not the identity. And no matter how young the identity, the soul might have an incredible age. In many ways, for many people, it is the hardening of identity (with age) through this physical world that causes the greatest suffering.

No one can control the universe. Period. No one can resist at a physical level the interplay of consciousness. Consider for example the macrocosym of an entire star system being obliterated by a black hole. Yet what we can each do (including the soul of the star system), is decide how we choose to experience such catastrophe: we can either retract from it, in which case we suffer, or else we can surrender and expand through, which brings with it the most incredible liberation.

I'm not saying this is easy of course. But such endurance and longevity exists within the heart of all souls. Just sit and reflect for a moment that you may well have had thousands of past-lives yourself, many with traumatic conclusions, and yet here you still are, contemplating, feeling and realising.

No, it's not easy. But the possibility of such realisation and enlightenment is available for all souls. My heart goes out to all those in suffering.

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